Definitive Retail Launch Date for Ivy Bridge Core Processors Surfaces

Hard to decide what to do between now and April 29. Hm. Drooling over the Ivy Bridge leaks, I guess ...

While we're fairly certain about the launch-schedule of Intel's "Ivy Bridge" Core processor family and 7-series chipset from an older article, which pin-points at April 29 to be the day full-fledged reviews (including overclocking performance, and benchmarks that cover new features) can be published, there's still a looming doubt over that day being the one on which you could buy say, a Core i7-3770K off A latest slide, probably sourced from Intel's Retailedge, lays that doubt to rest. April 29 is indeed the day you will be able to buy most significant "Ivy Bridge" Core i7 and Core i5 models. Certain other models are slated for June 3. Dual-core Core i3 and Pentium processors based on Ivy Bridge silicon are slated for "Holiday". As on April 29, you also be able to buy motherboards based on 7-series chipset, which support Ivy Bridge processors out of the box.


Belgium Pt1t says:

Holiday :o

TaPaKaH says:

I bet the sales will start much sooner in some regions as large distributors already have the chips.

Germany Masterchief79 says:

I hope the availability will be good here in Germany. Do you think Intel will bring out a second stepping of Ivy Bridge? I don't like to buy CPUs early actually, but in this case i'm kind of forced to.^^

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