Fix in progress for HWBOT rankings and leagues

As you might have noticed already, the rankings and leagues at HWBOT are a bit off today. With this small newspost, we want to inform you that the development team has successfully located the cause of this problem and are currently in progress of fixing it.

In short, after trying to fix a bug related to the Enthusiast League, the database that stores the a user's best results for calculating the User League positions (top-15 GL, top-20 HW) was updated incorrectly. Instead of just the 20 best hardware submissions, a lot more were flagged 'best of user'. Practically, this meant that, for example, Latvian overclocker Tapakah had 617 submissions flagged as 'top-20 hardware' ... an error, obviously.

The fix includes recalculating all the submissions, so it might take several hours before the rankings are back to normal. Thanks for your understanding and patience!

The HWBOT staff.


Belgium Massman says:

Tsk. Enthusiast League members. Always causing problems ...


Germany Hyperhorn says:

Hm, how is TaPaKaH in the Overclockers league affected by a bug, which affects the Enthusiast league?

Tsk. Massman. Always confusing us ...

Belgium richba5tard says:

Because I applied a fix which was ment for the enthusiast league for all leagues by accident. :)

Russian Federation sheffline_85 says:

Enthusiasts in the league after fixing everything back as before or not, will be like now?
soon or have removed the restriction, At least in the league enthusiasts and overclockers, the popularity has increased to the resource.

Belgium Massman says:

After the fix completed, all should be back to normal :)

Russian Federation sheffline_85 says:

this is bad for those who stopped playing in Russia such as benching ))))
writing through the Google translator, sorry))))

India sumonpathak says:

seems like a lot of my teams OLD submission was reported for not having the rig picture.. BUG?

Russian Federation sheffline_85 says:

similarly, the result of two required photos, and it's been almost 3 years ...

Australia JJJC says:

Awesome, glad to hear it's being fixed. I was a little concerned when I checked my scores, thought a new rev might have dropped. :p

United States [GF]Duke says:

jjjc said: Awesome, glad to hear it's being fixed.

I was a little concerned when I checked my scores, thought a new rev might have dropped. :p

Unfortunately thats not the case. Although it shoud be.

United States cowgut says:

Hey what that button do?DOH!

Russian Federation Smoke says:

Love this new

India thebanik says:

Perfect excuse/opportunity to merge the enthusiast with overclockers league, :p

Russian Federation sheffline_85 says:

Valentine's Day Massman decided to make a gift to all (Bosyatsky Podgon - in Russian)))))

Russian Federation sheffline_85 says:

TO thebanik - Hrena Lysogo))) you can not combine the two leagues

South Africa SystemTech says:

Shew, i was very confused there, i gained 150 points, but lost 75 places :o Not cool :p

Austria Hampti says:

and no the update is fixed? lost many places and other people also. is a new algorithm for the points out there?

Belgium Massman says:

There's NO NEW algoritm! This is a bug!

Austria Hampti says:

ah ok. thought the bug would be fixed because the side was offline for a few time. ok sorry. keep working ;-)

TaPaKaH says:

at least I have a nice spike in my profile :D

Russian Federation Mefist0 says:

Damn, can smb tell me who is the id**t who is reporting on my submissions? And watta hell wrong in mine air/stock cooled systems?

Brazil Cata says:

Good Afternoon ... I wonder why my points are gone .... what makes them literally disappear ...... is to recover them?

Belgium Massman says:

Mefist0 said: Damn, can smb tell me who is the id**t who is reporting on my submissions? And watta hell wrong in mine air/stock cooled systems?

A bug in the HWBOT engine :(

Russian Federation Mefist0 says:

Massman said: A bug in the HWBOT engine :(

Its bad. Hope everything will be ok.

Norway knopflerbruce says:

Not sure if this is related to this bug, but atm if i submit points for both 1x and 2x CPu categories I only get points for the 2x submission. It detects the 2x submission as being better than the 1x, even though those rankings should be separate.

Austria Turrican says:

same here. :(


go to "my account" and recalculate everything, then it should be ok again i think.

Brazil Cata says:

Any news about the points? I continue with my points reset: (

France MAXIMUS66 says:


Points for the team work but there is a bug in calculates him(it) of my points global and harware are not to calculate.

Brazil Cata says:

I wonder if going back to my normal individual points that I have ..... because in my time all users have normal scores individually ... I am no less than the points ..... BUG would it then?

France MAXIMUS66 says:

Calculates is automatic or there is a stake daily in the daytime?

EDIT : My score/points is always surrounded. There is that points for the team which works.

Brazil Cata says:

Able to recover my points .... have to put the machine now picture every time you validate a result

Finland Mean Machine says:

Will this fix me being ~last? :D

France MAXIMUS66 says:

There is still problemes, I have 20 submissions which are not to count.

India sumonpathak says:

so...any news??
coz i still see the reports..and member's are losing points...

India sumonpathak says:

thanks :)

Canada Dead Things says:

Massman said: Tsk. Enthusiast League members. Always causing problems

That's how we roll. :p

United States PROBN4LYFE says:

^ This.

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