Wow, what a great comp! Christian Ney smashes all Llano records to oblivion!

Pretty crazy competition to say the least. Tsunamijuan and _mat_ did very well, but there was just no stopping Christian Ney this time. Awesome!

HWBOT.ORG’s competition called GIGABYTE X'MAS & New Year Contest just finished with Christian Ney from Switzerland absolutely smashing all scores in style.

Hardware used:

  • AMD A8-3870K 'Llano' CPU
  • Geil Eva Corsa RAM
  • Both RAM & CPU Cooled with LN2

Records achieved:

  • World Record Llano Reference Frequency at 200MHz
  • World Record Llano Memory Frequency at 1752.8MHz & 2nd highest overall global RAM frequency achieved! WOW!!!
  • World Record Llano CPU Frequency at 6067.71MHz (also well done to Tsunamijuan and _mat_ for reaching past 6GHz :)

Overclockers are super-nerds and what better way to express happiness than to load up some old school MC Hammer in your submission posts, love it. Christian Ney says… U Can’t Touch This


Hiwa says:

this is aesome dude, nice to see you got this comp and damn nice memory there....

Netherlands Mausio says:

Christian Ney doing crazy stuff like normal :D

United States sin0822 says:

Crazy man, when i saw your results i was like damn this guy really is good enough to write about how good he is at OCing hahaha Great job!

Greece varachio says:

Well done Chris... awesome work!

Italy Iron says:

Chris, really great stuff there!!!! I had a lot of fun in the Llano Giga comp in August, but now it's time for you to beat my record at 3dm11 with the integrated 6550D!
I'm expecting 2k, no less!
Did you already try the gpu? how's it scaling with cold? Just with those crazy mem freqs you should be able to destroy everything!

Christian Ney says:

Nope haven't tested the IGP yet

India thebanik says:

Wow!!! awesome score there Christian...And congrats on winning the compo, :D

Canada Eldonko says:

Nice job Christian, congrats!

United States Tsunamijuan says:

this ain't over yet :D I think its voltmod time :D

Christian Ney says:

Looking forward ;)

United States Tsunamijuan says:

Yeah in the process of doing this i found out that aslong as shit was cooled i could hit the the max of just about every voltage on the chip and they continued to run just fine, But there was a good amount of droop going on.

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