HWBOT Rev4.6.1 released - various patches and improvements

Just a minor release to polish the HWBOT engine. Noteworthy improvements is that global challenge mails are now sent only to people who have owned the required hardware in the past 2 years, and newly reported submission will appear in the moderator panel again.

Release Notes - HWBOT - Version hwbot v4.6.1



  • [HWBOT-647] - Aquamark3 Hwbot edition installer
  • [HWBOT-665] - Mail for challenges
  • [HWBOT-667] - Turn on Database Read Marking for forums
  • [HWBOT-672] - Automatic server reboot at 7AM CEST
  • [HWBOT-681] - Update dedicated subforum for Challenge discussions


  • [HWBOT-674] - Install dedicated SMTP server
  • [HWBOT-675] - Global challenge mail: send only to those who have meet the HW requirements

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