AMD A8-3870K Overclocked to 5.87 GHz CPU, 1.32 GHz GPU in Suicide-Run

Impressive! I'd like to see the 3DMark01 on that one!

A Japanese overclocker achieved a 96% CPU clock speed increase and 121% GPU clock speed increase during a "suicide-run" using a retail AMD A8-3870K Black Edition processor. The feat was conducted by OverclockWorks, a tech-community and store for Japanese overclockers. A CPU clock speed of 5,875 MHz was achieved using a base clock speed of 125 MHz, and multiplier of 47.0x, and a brutal core voltage of 1.872V. The integrated Radeon HD 6550D GPU was overclocked to 1,327 MHz from its default 600 MHz. The overclocker claimed that his feat is "probably the world's best", though, like some of the most unstable suicide-runs, the system was too unstable to run benchmarks. Apart from the A8-3870K, the test-bench consisted of ASUS F1A75-V Pro motherboard, G.Skill RipjawsZ memory, and a certain SilverStone PSU.

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