Done in 8 minutes - AMD Bulldozer FX-8150 hit max frequency on LN2 under 8 minutes (SF3D OC)

It only takes 8 minutes to get your FX-8150 CPU to its limit! Coffee-break overclocking FTW!

I wanted to see how fast you can hit the maximum frequency of random AMD Bulldozer FX-8150 chip. In car sports you usually try to go some certain distance as fast as you can or hit maximum speed in some track. This is kind of same situation, but with computer parts you can only race with time or MHz.

I have small tray of CPU's and this particular sample was never tested before. It was not able to hit over 8GHz, even when I used 30 minutes more with it.

The point of this video is to show, how easy Ln2 oveclocking is with this architechture. Too bad there is no use for the frequency though :)

So, if you have a chip, which can hit 8GHz+, you can do it during your coffee break!

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