Done in 8 minutes - AMD Bulldozer FX-8150 hit max frequency on LN2 under 8 minutes (SF3D OC)

It only takes 8 minutes to get your FX-8150 CPU to its limit! Coffee-break overclocking FTW!

I wanted to see how fast you can hit the maximum frequency of random AMD Bulldozer FX-8150 chip. In car sports you usually try to go some certain distance as fast as you can or hit maximum speed in some track. This is kind of same situation, but with computer parts you can only race with time or MHz.

I have small tray of CPU's and this particular sample was never tested before. It was not able to hit over 8GHz, even when I used 30 minutes more with it.

The point of this video is to show, how easy Ln2 oveclocking is with this architechture. Too bad there is no use for the frequency though :)

So, if you have a chip, which can hit 8GHz+, you can do it during your coffee break!


Canada Vinster says:

That's pretty interesting.

Germany stummerwinter says:

Thany for sharing Petri! Next time better luck to hit the 8 GHz...;)

Finland SF3D says:

Haha..the reason not to hit 8GHz was discovered just moment a go. I took of the pot and contact was worse than ever. I have no idea how I failed that bad on it. Usually there is 0 issues with AMD + pot contact. Video would have been better with 8ghz, but I think it's ok like it is. This is propably my last touch with these CPU's.

TaPaKaH says:

what took you so long?
I know people who bin CPUs on 30mins/CPU cycle, including pot remount :D

Finland SF3D says:

Haha..30 minutes is sooo long time. Well, cooling and heating takes most of the time, so good torch will help. Ok, got idea to next video. Cars does 0-300km/h-0, so we will need to do 0-8ghz-0 (from pot mounting to 8GHz and back to start) The one who will do that in less than 10 minutes is my personal hero!

TaPaKaH says:

does dismount at -190C count ? :D

K404 says:

Tempted to try this :D Ok to have board fully insulated?

Christian Ney says:

when my new chip is home and I got a new board, count me in for this challenge.

Colombia saint19 says:

Will you stop to bench with AMD?

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