How-To: 8 GHz on Bulldozer

* checks hwbot cpu-z ranking *
* 168P ! *
* Reads guide *
* Break 8GHz *

* Benching like a HWBoss! *

(all jokes aside, this is a really helpful guide to help you get to 8GHz and beyond)

These are full instructions for how to go after CPU Frequency World Records on Bulldozer. This is a cleaned up and prettier version of my original Bulldozer overclocking instructions published on the forums, so I suggest you become a forum member to follow the bleeding edge developments that go on regularly there.

Hopefully this will be helpful for anyone out there with Bulldozer and Liquid Nitrogen, and for everyone else I hope it uncovers the secrets of how its done. It worked for me to the tune of 8.06GHz and currently 17th place in the world. Why share the secrets? I only know this because of what Overclockers Forums has taught me over the years, and this site was founded on sharing our experience – its what inspired me to start in this overclocking hobby.

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