HWBOT Rev4.3 released - new team ranking algorithm and plenty other improvements

Rev4.3 fixes plenty of bugs and focusses on a more rewarding and fair Team Ranking: the Team Power Points (TPP) for both global and hardware rankings have had a major overhaul. The hardware info pages now show a clear overview of the current records both made worldwide, by your team and by yourself.

The rankings have been improved to clearly show how TPP is distributed, and the user profile now shows where all your points come from, including clarifying the competition points. Check your profile, points tab.

The new TPP algorithm is currently recalculating +23000 hardware rankings, we expect it to be done in approx 8 hours.

Release Notes - HWBOT - Version hwbot v4.3


  • [HWBOT-409] - Prepopulated system images
  • [HWBOT-495] - Forum not properly displayed in Chrome and Internet Explorer
  • [HWBOT-517] - User registration but no forum registration
  • [HWBOT-559] - Hardware Library bugged
  • [HWBOT-563] - Submission of banned user still in ranking
  • [HWBOT-565] - Enthusiast league: submissions without cooling specified (a.k.a. stock) should count to the enth points too.
  • [HWBOT-570] - Banned user has entry in benchmark ranking
  • [HWBOT-571] - User ranked multiple times in one ranking
  • [HWBOT-572] - ?recalculate=true gives error when click-through to ranking page
  • [HWBOT-573] - Competition participation points awarded for each entry instead of once
  • [HWBOT-574] - Thumb generation for some images is broken.
  • [HWBOT-576] - When a ranking is shown, sometimes the ranking list is not loaded, only the filter. Never occurs in FF, but often in chrome.
  • [HWBOT-577] - Banner not visible
  • [HWBOT-578] - Using prepopulate submission when using data submission like unigene heaven displays no score and verification data (but submits sucessfully)


  • [HWBOT-343] - HWBOINTS Finetuning
  • [HWBOT-423] - Overview table with score rank/point/cup updates (loss/gain points, loss/gain cup)
  • [HWBOT-527] - HWBoint ranking page finetuning: user and tpp ranking on one page
  • [HWBOT-528] - HWBoint rankins: add target score
  • [HWBOT-539] - Point_type for stage
  • [HWBOT-540] - Minimum 1 point for all participating teams
  • [HWBOT-541] - Rank by 'amount of results', then by avg
  • [HWBOT-542] - Ranking UI: show # results
  • [HWBOT-543] - L2S2 PCMark7, 3x unique CPU_socketId
  • [HWBOT-544] - Country Cup: unique submission based on effective_cores
  • [HWBOT-545] - Banner
  • [HWBOT-546] - Competition Background
  • [HWBOT-547] - Configure competition in admin site
  • [HWBOT-548] - Clear overview of competition concept
  • [HWBOT-549] - Send mailer regarding competition
  • [HWBOT-550] - Press release / announcement
  • [HWBOT-551] - Show 3 latest forum comments on competition page
  • [HWBOT-554] - HCE: processor manufacturer
  • [HWBOT-555] - HCE verify multi-parameter cpuCoreCount limitation
  • [HWBOT-556] - HCE top 5 unique cpu cores


  • [HWBOT-558] - MSI X79 Competition Skin
  • [HWBOT-566] - global points tweaking
  • [HWBOT-583] - Provide a information page for psu product with basic information.

Sub Task

  • [HWBOT-424] - User profile: show competition points + link to overview

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