Kingpincooling 2011-2012 Line-up Revealed

Kingpincooling is back ... in black! Kingpin just refreshed his LN2 cooling gear line-up for 2011/2012 and it must be said: every single cooling pot looks as delicious as the next one. It's almost a pity you have to cover them up with insulation. Oh well, you could just buy two of each: one to use, one to show off!

As the official statement sounds: "New pots are all completed and ready to roll. KPC webstore is being updated now and will start taking orders again later today/tomorrow. New for 2k11/12 are F1 Extreme Dark, TEK-9 FAT 6, TEK-9 SLIM 7, and F1 GEMINI 2.0. This time around, the pots have some perf enhancements as well as fresh new updated looks including high quality cnc machining, anodizing, and new nickel plating."

Line-up details:

  • Dragon F1 Dark - Updated version of the Dragon F1 extreme edition. Updates include:

    • more more mass
    • more responsive internals
    • black nickel plating
    • black anodized lower mounting plate

  • Dragon F1 GEMINI 2.0 - Second revision of this extremely versatile and modular cpu pot. Updates include:

    • more mass in bases
    • bright nickel plating
    • black anodized lower F1 mounting plate

  • TEK-9 FAT 6.0 - The original gpu mass monster is back looking tighter than ever.

    • Enhanced performance for hotter running GPUS
    • bright nickel plating
    • black anodizing
    • high quality designed brackets

  • TEK-9 SLIM 7.0 - These highly capable and versatile GPU units are great for quad and triple SLI/Xfire where space is at a premium.

    • enhanced perf for speeds validated in our lab at 1450mhz+ on 1.5v+ GTX580 thru 3d11 game tests
    • bright nickel plating
    • black anodizing
    • high quality designed brackets.

  • DOMINANCE - Same great memory extreme OC performance for price.

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