Does AMD Advertise?

A rather short blog post from AMD's CMO, Nigel Dessau, proving that AMD does have advertisement campaigns. What do you think? Does AMD do enough to raise brand/product awareness? Are the campaigns effective? Should AMD do things differently?

One of the things people often tell me is that AMD doesn’t advertise. They mournfully tell me: “If only you could spend the sort of money that your competitor does, then your PCs would be as well known.” If only it were that simple.


But regardless of that, the main point I want to make is that I think a better use of our marketing money is to spend it on Web, Point of Sales and other promotional approaches. The most commonplace promotional is the circular that comes to you each weekend. Do you see that lovely AMD VISION logo?

Well, that is advertising.

We are also very active online, which we know is where our customers research and learn about new products. Consider all the videos you can see about our recent Guinness World Record for the highest overclocking frequency for a CPU that’s aimed at enthusiasts. And if you shop at Best Buy in Canada you can learn all about VISION Technology from AMD and what an APU-based system can do for you. We believe the Web is very influential as a tool to affect preference.

Outside of North America the market looks very different and so, accordingly, our advertising strategy reflects those markets.


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