AMD FX Processor Prices Lower Than Expected

Good news for consumers, bad news for performance enthusiasts?

Sources among retailers told DonanimHaber that retail prices of AMD's next generation performance desktop processor series, the AMD FX, are a lot lower than expected. On October 12, AMD will launch three new parts worldwide, the eight-core FX-8150, FX-8120, and six-core FX-6120, priced at US $245, $205, and $175, respectively.


Netherlands wesjuhdabomb says:

Depends if this is bad news.. If the 8150 equals to a 2600k (even at a higher frequency) and if the chips can reach 6.5+ghz 3d on ln2 it is still easier to get a 8150 at 6.5+ghz than a 2600k that is doing 5.8+ghz..

Canada Vinster says:

^ that's a great point, but this kind of pricing is great for an 8 core even for day-day use.

TaPaKaH says:

if FX-6120 can hit same clocks as FX-8150 and have same singlethreaded performance for $175 - binning them will be fun :)

Antarctica Trouffman says:

This is aggressive pricing :) We will see how intel will react to this :)

K404 says:

FX brand at $249 at launch.... crazy. I expect release-day price-gouging and short availability... leading to further price-gouging :p

Germany aslanwas says:

I think this price policy is an index for the bad effiency of the bd's
but would be nice, if it has at least 80% of the effcy of the sb, that would see those 8cores running @ somewhere around 7 g in superpi around 6s ;) for example

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