Sandy Bridge-E at 131MHz BCLK

It was already announced some time ago, but now we actually see this BCLK in effect: 133MHz BCLK with a LGA2011 Sandy Bridge-E.


United States Hondacity says:

the future of overclocking looks sooo bright :D

TaPaKaH says:

memfreq also looks promising, if that is real

Indonesia Lucky_n00b says:

Wow, so the 1.25 BCLK Multiplier(or the 125Mhz Strap) DOES work. (131Mhz comes from 104.8 x 1.25 probably). Would be interesting to see if the 1.67 and the rumored 2.5 BCLK Multi work also...

Slovenia tiborrr says:

Promising my ass... :x

Canada Vinster says:

That DRAM frequency doesn't make sense to me. how is it getting a DRAM freq of 1225mhz? either that Freq, ratio or FSB is wrong. I don't see it.

Australia Jimba says:

i dont know if this is meant to be good or bad..with all the fake benchmarks and rumours going round i dont whats right and wrong..

Belgium Massman says:

More Coolaler: 5.5GHz on Dry Ice.

United States Hondacity says:

1:14 ram multi was not real?

Canada Vinster says:

something is fishy... 1:16 FSB-DRAM at 100Mhz FSB should be 1600Mhz... now that shot is at the other end of the spectrum... before was 131FSB@14 should had been 1834Mhz and not 12xxMhz...

he has a lot of screenies but they are not that great... my i7-920 @ 4.6Ghz did better at SP1m than this at 5.5Ghz...

Sample or not, this looks promissing for the wanted functionality of overclocking but crappy overall on what it's capable of.

Sweden ME4ME says:

Vinster said: my i7-920 @ 4.6Ghz did better at SP1m than this at 5.5Ghz...

Show me :)

United States Hondacity says:

Vinster said: my i7-920 @ 4.6Ghz did better at SP1m than this at 5.5Ghz...

oh really?

Germany chillinmitch says:

A 2600K@5500 does superpi1m in 6,7-6,8 sec., dont see any improvement here.

Belgium Massman says:

SB-E is to SB what Yorkfield was to Wolfdale. "Insert more cores"

Greece Stelaras says:

But still it doens't have the same efficiency at single thread applications .

I believe that SB-E will dominate 3dmark vantage & 3dmark06 ... maybe 05 also.
I see it as an improvement to GT .

K404 says:

I dunno about Vantage, unless 6GHz+ is common, it won't beat the best 990X

Slovenia tiborrr says:

SNB-E = SNB + 3MB extra L3 cache You won't see any improvent in Pi, even dual-channel SNB is an overkill for this app.

FlanK3r says:

I like Cinebench at SB-E, its awesome!

Canada Vinster says:

Hondacity said: oh really?

Poop... This was a Doh moment... I was drunk and thinking of wPrime... :(


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