IDF 2011 GB X79A-UD7(OC) and G1 Assassin 2

I'm not to sure what to think about the new line-up at the moment. Basically, the X58A-OC merged with the X58A-UD9, combining the OC features with the 4-Way SLI/CF capabilities. I see that the UD7 pretty much has the same I/O feats as the Sniper edition, but there's a difference with the UD5 board. Carrying the UD7, though, suggest that this will be the top-of-the-line product. With top-of-the-line pricing ...

The X79A-OC we are told was built to be the X79A-OC, but as many have heard there will be no more boards named the OC board. As you can obviously see the board carries the same color coordination, as well as the same features, and a few more such as the DIP switches, which we don't know what they do. We can also see that the socket is huge, and the space for a VRM is small, but GIGABYTE doubled up the phases on top of each other, the second set the DrMOS are underneath the board. We can also see that on the UD7 and the Assassin 2, that DrMOS are used for peripheral VRMs, such as the DDR voltage and uncore, and even CPU PLL.

The UD7 has an Intel NIC, high current (probably 40-50A) inductors, as well as all tantalum capacitors. Hald the VRM is underneath as well.We see a ton of output capacitors, half are also on the bottom. UD7 is 20+2 phases and the G1 Assassin 2 is 8+1 we believe.

The heatsinks on the Assassin 2 is said to be a bit different from the final version, but the one on the UD7 is probably going to stay the same. One long heatpipe connects the VRM heatsink to the PCH heatsink. They look pretty fancy.

(more pictures over at



Love it!

Finland Mean Machine says:

Gay Assassin. :D

TaPaKaH says:

so there is an OC-board-attempt after all...

Australia t8y says:

but... wasnt half the point of the x58-oc board, was that it was had none of the extra crap added? and a reasonable price tag?
guessing the x58-OC didnt sell enough or seem "feature rich", or something.

don't think ill be buying into this chipset either way, will see how it shapes up.

was hoping for a new 990fx-OC board perhaps

Christian Ney says:

Want 990FX-OC-w00t

Italy Mafio says:

Christian Ney said: Want 990FX-OC-w00t

990fx-oc + fx x4 = WIN :D

Iran Mehdi_FXX says:

Nice Boards.... thinking about Rampage IV EXTREME and X79- classifiled:D

Belgium leeghoofd says:

Nice looking boards Gigabyte... very nice teaser...

Australia Dinos22 says:

love my orange and black stripes baby :D

United States Hondacity says:

no heatsink for the dmos underneath...i wonder if that will be final

Christian Ney says:

dinos22 said: love my orange and black stripes baby :D

Yeah, even if it's not going to be released, can you send me one ?

(depend on how much you already manufactured X79-OC)

Ho wait, is that named UD7 with orange color and OC logo ?

United States xxbassplayerxx says:

Not looking forward to the price on the "OC" :(

United States Hondacity says:

you can ask for a free sample for "review @ OCN", gigabyte loves exposure

Antarctica Trouffman says:

The UD7 is the the X79-OC :) I thikn they thought the explicit naming was hurting the sales so back on track with the features for high end users and strenght / evolution / AWESOME color scheme (purely personnal opinion xD) But looking at the price of the OC and the previous of the UD9 / UD7 series... that gonna need a lot of vaseline... OR if you take the market POV... similar price as previous series + a few buck... more sales = more board = better price... and the OC baord was a try-out so.. was expensive in term of marketing / production and promotion... not officially a limited edition but I'm sure it was limited , maybe around the same as UD9. By the way I don't really mind having the OC board named.. UD7 for end users as long as it maintain what we had good on the X58A-OC board :)

Antarctica Trouffman says:

One lqst thing... see the sticker on the X79-UD7 ? :d I bet 2 beer that it's written X79A-OC under it :D

Christian Ney says:

Trouffman said: AWESOME color scheme (purely personnal opinion xD)

Too bad there is no pink version isn't it ? :rolleyes:


Australia Dinos22 says:

Honda, gigabyte never had or needed heatsinks on the bottom, even on top actually when you bench cold (even with OC board now) heatsinks arent needed. I certainly didnt use them on my pre-release board that never had those heatsinks in first place hehe :D

Antarctica Trouffman says:

Christian Ney said: Too bad there is no pink version isn't it ? :rolleyes:


Damned ! You found the she inside me... (As it's usually the opposite... weird-sex-joke...)

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