IDF 2011 GB X79A-UD7(OC) and G1 Assassin 2

I'm not to sure what to think about the new line-up at the moment. Basically, the X58A-OC merged with the X58A-UD9, combining the OC features with the 4-Way SLI/CF capabilities. I see that the UD7 pretty much has the same I/O feats as the Sniper edition, but there's a difference with the UD5 board. Carrying the UD7, though, suggest that this will be the top-of-the-line product. With top-of-the-line pricing ...

The X79A-OC we are told was built to be the X79A-OC, but as many have heard there will be no more boards named the OC board. As you can obviously see the board carries the same color coordination, as well as the same features, and a few more such as the DIP switches, which we don't know what they do. We can also see that the socket is huge, and the space for a VRM is small, but GIGABYTE doubled up the phases on top of each other, the second set the DrMOS are underneath the board. We can also see that on the UD7 and the Assassin 2, that DrMOS are used for peripheral VRMs, such as the DDR voltage and uncore, and even CPU PLL.

The UD7 has an Intel NIC, high current (probably 40-50A) inductors, as well as all tantalum capacitors. Hald the VRM is underneath as well.We see a ton of output capacitors, half are also on the bottom. UD7 is 20+2 phases and the G1 Assassin 2 is 8+1 we believe.

The heatsinks on the Assassin 2 is said to be a bit different from the final version, but the one on the UD7 is probably going to stay the same. One long heatpipe connects the VRM heatsink to the PCH heatsink. They look pretty fancy.

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