HWBOT Performance Finetuning

Just a quick newspost to let you know we've installed a new, lighter HWBOT build that should make the site respond faster. It's a first set of performance enhancements we're testing out. Today's updates include:

  • 1) Disabling market share pie charts on hardware info pages
  • 2) Longer caching of HOF rankings
  • 3) Longer caching of Hardware Library overview

These updates should positively affect browsing experience and reduce downtime period.


Belgium richba5tard says:

Load on server is 10x lower than usual in the past 2 hours, so it seems the changes have a positive effect.

Norway knopflerbruce says:

+1 to the market share charts, never found those useful anyway.

Netherlands wesjuhdabomb says:

Nice one..

TaPaKaH says:

does it mean less downtime ?

Slovenia tiborrr says:

Now, bring more speed and less changes in the year to come.

Belgium Massman says:

What we will do in the year to come largely depends on the industry's willingness to help us out financially. We can't keep putting this much energy in the site if there's no long-term security. Another three years at the same effort/reward ratio will be close to impossible, lol.

Norway knopflerbruce says:

I think that if the bugs are ironed out, you get less work - no wonder you had lots of things to do when rev 4 came so quickly after rev 3, and both needed (needs) coding time to make the site work properly.

Belgium Massman says:

There's tons of work left. Bugs are a really small part of what we want to do :).

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