GIGABYTE’s 4 year warranty – leading the way towards positive competition

Interesting move. I hope this warranty policy will extend to other regions as well. In fact, I wonder what vendor will be the first to provide this extended warranty service in the US and Europe ...

Digitimes reports this week that GIGABYTE and Asustek are engaging in fierce competition over motherboard warranties in China. Despite the negativity that usually accompanies the words ‘fierce competition’, we feel that this move is a step in the right direction in that it encourages positive competition where industry leaders use the quality and reliability of their products to compete, rather than focusing on reducing the quality and reliability in order to simply undercut the competition. An example of this kind of negative competition can be found in the current notebook PC market as it spirals in a lethal race to the bottom – clearly, nobody wins in a race to the bottom because negative profits translate to unsustainable business. The result is that quality focused vendors pull out of the market or spin off their PC businesses in order to focus on more profitable projects.

Getting back to the 4 year warranty, every motherboard vendor knows that the main causes of RMA (after sales service issues) are BIOS problems (e.g. from power failure during booting up), capacitor and other power phase component failure, and blown fuses from external connectors such as USB and LAN ports. GIGABYTE has this covered with:

Dual BIOS (scroll down to the Dual BIOS section), Japanese solid capacitors together with the rest of the Ultra Durable features and 1 fuse per USB port

These features primarily give us the confidence to initiate a 4 year warranty in China, and we hope to expand this to other regions as our distribution partners come onboard with the idea.


Canada Vinster says:

this is good news. I'd love a longer warranty.

United States Hondacity says:

The quality of Gigabutt Intel boards are the best imo. Too bad, they don't have good memory voltage selection for the x58a-oc.

Italy Mafio says:

oh, that's good, now they just have to start make decent bioses asd

TaPaKaH says:

does it have anything to do with them dropping any sort of benching support whatsoever ?
their boards will be shit, but if three years is not enough for it to die - no worries, Gigabutt have you covered :D

Belgium leeghoofd says:

Mafio said: oh, that's good, now they just have to start make decent bioses asd

So True, ditch the sillyness of some settings, with eg LLC, just make one setting that works...boards components are okayish, It's the bios is holding back potential... not durable 3-4 or 5 beta....

TaPaKaH says:

I wouldn't blame Gigabutt BIOS at all, with only one or two of those "silly" settings ... compared to Rampage III-series BIOS and some UEFI solutions

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