Fatties never looked more sexy!

Yummy; the only word I can come up with. More pics in the thread.

After too much downtime, its time to start rolling out units again. This time BETTER THAN EVER. New revs of ALL KPC units should set a new standard for LN2/ DRY ICE container manuf. Very high quality, finish, and better levels of performance. No point in doing things the same everytime. We'll be bringing back all the containers one at a time, first up is the new TEK-9 FAT 6.0. Latest revision sports elements of the proven and copied design that this monster gpu unit has had since the very beginning. Killer new look with nickel plated copper and high quality anodizing/logoing..your container will NEVER look any different than it does in these pics, bye bye oxidation.

TEK-9 FAT 6 unit still comes with three brackets full HW mounting kit. This is the real deal. TEK-9 FAT 6.0.

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