Interview with GIGABYTE's Tim Handley on GOOC, X79A-OC and general overclocking stuff

No idea how I missed this interview! GOOC, X79A-OC, overclocking, ... it's ALL in there!

This Monday, Gigabyte Global Deputy Director Marketing Head Tim Handley came over to Delhi, India for Annual Conference, and we were Invited to have a chat with him. So we went prepared for a 15min. discussion and though I am late everywhere else, I came on time for this meeting and we had a free-wheeling discussion ranging various topics, so much so that our conversation went on for more than an hour. Audio is almost untouched, so please do not mind the casual tone though it has been reduced quite a bit to avoid boredom, . There were no set topic and it ranged from :

1) Marketing Strategies of Gigabyte
2) Dates for GOOC 2011
3) Promoting Overclocking in India
4) Plans for X79
5) Z68 Platform
6) Freewheeling chat about Hicookie, Dinos, Vivi, Shamino, Vince, 3D01, Abit, DFI, Sapphire,

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