GeIL's EVO III IC testing technology

Sorry for the advertisment video (didn't find an end-user video that showed this machine), but that Evo-III IC tester looks so violent. Imagine what could come from this if it'd be used bin for CL6-8-6 chips *hint* !


Belgium Massman says:

It's like having 1000 Hiwa's working simultaneously!

Croatia dejan_bin_laden says:

question is can it make pizza :D

TaPaKaH says:

Massman said: It's like having 1000 Hiwa's working simultaneously!
do they also run LinX and claim it to be the ultimate memory stability tool? .. can't see

Poland proste71 says:


United States Hondacity says:

nice vid :D

1000 hiwa ...analogy ... good one mm

Belgium Teemto says:

Always interesting to have a peak behind the scenes.
Did someone already mention to the Golden Emperor guys what their abreviation means in German, Dutch and Flemisch ;-)

Belgium Massman says:

"Gouden Keizer" ? :p

United States sin0822 says:

i think its cool they built a machine and they use the term "industrial engineering" but i think it could be more violent. :)

Belgium leeghoofd says:

Maybe they can hire M Beier for some final voltage testing :)

Looking forward to test some of their stuff :)

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