DDR3 Enhance PLUS Series - Memory with performance edge

GeIL announces the launch of the all new DDR3 Enhance PLUS Series Dual Channel and Triple Channel Kits to be added to GeILs’ high performance memory line of products. The Enhance PLUS Series, like its name suggest, is enhanced with faster speed settings of 1500MHz CL9 and 1750MHz CL9 instead of the standard 1333MHz CL9 and 1600MHz CL9. The enhanced speeds can be activated simply through XMP profile selection on Intel P55 platforms. The Enhance PLUS Series is also able to perform the standard speeds of 1333MHz CL9 and 1600MHz CL9 on all P55 and P67 platforms. Equipped with the PLUS Edition heat-spreader that is designed with heat-sink surface and extended height for maximum cooling efficiency, the Enhance PLUS Series provide users with extra performance, stability and compatibility. As GeILs’ quality standard, the Series will be reinforced with DBT – Die-hard Burn-in Technology for the highest quality assurance.

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