I guess it was due: HWBOT getting sued.

Although the timing is very unfortunate (April 1st), I really couldn't care less about the date.

Two days ago, I was informed that HWBOT was getting sued. I wrongfully assumed that Frederik (big boss) was making an early April Fools joke, but turned out he wasn't. So, since two days we're looking for someone who can represent us in court. Not easy, given our 'pretty-close-to-zero' cashflow. We're shutting down the Rev4 development for the next couple of days/weeks (no idea how long this court-thing lasts) depending on progress and outcome of this problem.

For those wondering about the content of the complaint: I'm not sure I am legally allowed to share too much details. Well, let's just say it's something we've been expecting for a long time: a member displeased because of a 1y-ban (justified in our eyes, but not in his eyes) wants to prove he can force himself back in the rankings.

Sorry for the discomfort. Thanks for understanding.

Edit: The lawyer allowed me to scan the accusation (?) papers. Here's more info: http://hwbot.org/forum/showthread.php?p=104506

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