Binning Process Explanation (NCIX Tech Tips #72)

Heh, interesting.


United States dumo says:

Try binning 2600K:)

United States Minor Outlying Islands Kal-EL says:

Oh sooo THATS binning! zomg, awesome :)

K404 says:

Well... at a basic level, It's accurate enough and there's gonna be thousands of people who didn't know that :) Mad props (:p) to NCIX for doing it

Australia Dinos22 says:

this kid's alright nothing wrong with the info :p

South Africa Tweak-venetica- says:

rather smart enlightening the world of these things , i found a sempron 145 unlock into a old athlon 4450e fact was i cant identify whats the catch , volts seem fine , temps excellent , and both cores are very stable got 4.46 ghz on a corsair h70 with ice

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