GIGABYTE & LAB501 P67 Overclocking Party

Always cool to see a local overclocking gathering! (Google Translate)

After a series of contests with prizes, and more or less interesting, we thought that last week of 2010 will be exclusively dedicated to overclocking. In these circumstances, where I was going to put up an unusual contest for people less normal, and partners must be at least as crazy as us and the participants, and who else we could think to Our colleagues from Gigabyte. In fact, the idea of allowing registrations until 12 o'clock at night it really belonged to them to better understand what kind of sadistic maniacs and talk (hello Andrew Cristi hello, smile and wave boys). So I planned diabolical plan together, we rubbed their little hands thinking about crazy overclockers will test the Christmas and New Year (Why, just us to work then?) And on December 24th and I'll put the theme ...

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