MAINGEAR and the Asus Maximus IV Extreme – Prior and Proper Testing vs What’s Popular

No word on the quantity of the dead CPUs; first message I pick up on this topic as well. Anyone had similar experiences?

I thought I’d give you a glimpse into how we do business at MAINGEAR. It’s no secret that buying a boutique PC is more expensive than building your own. Having full time employees, a mortgage, taxes, marketing, insurance, R&D, etc all cost money and all get built into the price we charge. And in return our customers expect a certain value for their money. That includes great pre- and post-sales support, warranty guarantees, and knowing they are getting a product that has our stamp of approval.


Fully half of the samples we received were killing processors. Neither Asus nor ourselves could figure out what was going on, but they shipped us various motherboards with different BIOSs, even boards they pretested, and they kept killing our retail processors.

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