1.000.000 HWbot Visitors

1.000.000 HWbot Visitors

dr-evil.jpgLast year we fell a few hundred thousand short, but this year we’re flying past the 1 million visitors marker, currently at 1,105,814 unique visitors, it’s likely the most popular hardware results database in the world :)
We like to thank all those participating at the site, overclockers, enthusiasts and grinders a-like, for pushing their hardware to limits and sharing their results with the community at the HWbot site.

As we do best at the HWbot, we’ll do some statistics sharing and digging to end 2008 and start 2009 with a fresh slate.


The most active overclockers at the HWBot live in Germany, closely followed by USA and Russia. Other countries in the TOP 10 are: Poland, Greece, France, UK, Italy, Belgium and Finland. We also got a stray visitor from Northern Mariana Islands, which looks like the ideal place for a water cooled rig!Diving into the visitor data we see Firefox come out on top as the most used brower (55%, 54% in 2007). 30% is holding on to Internet Explorer, 12% use Opera, and less than 1% have embraced the new Google Browser, Chrome. Windows XP was the most popular OS in 2009, used by 72% (86% in 2007), followed by Vista (24%, 9% in 2007). 1280×1024 resolution is sufficient for 30% (38% in 2007) of the bench rigs out there, but 1680×1050 is gaining popularity (19%, 11% in 2007).Anybody want to guess who’s user profile was visited the most? …. K|ngp|n‘s of course! Fastest climbers in popularity are No_Name and Chiller. The most visited single result at the HWbot in 2008 was K|ngp|n’s Wprime 32M score:

Let’s try to make 2009 an even better year than 2008, with new benchmarks, new hardware and plenty of LN2! Happy New Year Overclockers!

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