Guide: How to Bypass GeForce GTX 680 Lightning Afterburner Limitation (by Nicklas0912)

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Guide: How to Bypass GeForce GTX 680 Lightning Afterburner Limitation (by Nicklas0912)

Even though more and more software tools for extreme overclocking are being developed, the biggest problem for a lot of community members still is getting access to the software. I think pretty much everyone is aware of the situation with the MSI AfterBurner software. In order to get access to a fully unlocked version, with unlimited voltage range, you need to be pre-approved by following the official Afterburner Extreme request procedure as described in this forum thread. But of course this procedure has a couple of drawbacks, the most important one without any doubt being the hassle of getting in touch with official staff and the paperwork.

Up until now, no one had a real workaround for this problem. Either versions were being shared under the metaphorical table (yes – they know!) or there was no extreme overclocking. Nicklas0912, a Danish overclocker, figured out a way to break the limitations of Afterburner Extreme and basically unlock the voltage limitations. The guide is written for the GeForce GTX 680 Lightning in particular, but I’m sure similar practices can applied to other cards. Please note that this is not a simple workaround, so be cautious when trying it out. Here’s the guide, have fun!

(Original post can be found here: [Volt Bypass Guide] GTX 680 Lightning MSI Afterburner. All credit goes to Nicklas0912)

Preparing the card for extreme overclocking

Step 1: download the unlocked LN2 BIOS (click)

Step 2: flash the bios

  • Extract the nvflash files to C:\
  • Save the BIOS file to C:\
  • Open elevated cmd window (hit start button, type “cmd”, right click cmd icon, run as administrator)
  • Change directory to C:\ (type ” cd C:\ ” )
  • Optional: type “nvflash –protectoff” then hit enter (turns off any error msg that may result from software write protection)
  • Backup original bios (important!): Type ” nvflash -b backup.rom ” and a copy of your bios will be saved to the nvflash directory
  • Type “nvflash -4 -5 -6 Yourbios.rom” (replace yourbios.rom with the actual file name)
  • Wait for it to finish
  • Reboot
  • Optional, but probably necessary: re-install drivers

Bypassing the voltage limitation – the actual overclocking

When you are done with that, we can move on and start with the actual overclocking. In order to bypass the voltage limitations and increase them beyond the +93mV, you will need two software applications: MSI Afterburner 2.2.3 (download and Artmoney (download). Make sure you are running both AB and AM as administrator! Okay, here we go.

Step 3: Set AB vCore to +93, hit apply, make sure it’s still at +93

Step 4: Go to AM, search for integer with value 93; it should give you several thousand results.

Step 5: Go back to AB, change vCore to like +70, hit apply, then see what vCore it changes it to (probably +68)

Step 6: Go back to AM, filter your previous search. Hit filter, then enter in value 68 (or whatever value is currently displayed in vCore of AB. Hit enter.

Step 7: Add the one with the address “00449000” – this value controls your offset!

Step 8: Then you can enter in all the info in the ‘edit address’ window. For example, I entered in a value of 180, which will give me an offset of +143 in AB.

Step 9: Set your clocks in AB and you are ready to GO!

Important: Remember to Check the “Freeze” box. Also please remember to be careful using this method to control the voltages. It is a memory hack … which is and always will be a hack, meaning there are always risks involved. Be cautious! Good luck!

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