MSI 3DMark Challenge Competition Announced

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MSI 3DMark Challenge Competition Announced

(Taipei – Taiwan) MSI, The world’s leading brand in mainboard and graphics cards, and the renowned system performance testing software company Futuremark, released a new generation of 3D performance testing software 3DMark together; igniting a new fire with the overclocking community. In order for global overclocking professionals to be able to compete against each other with the latest version of 3DMark MSI will hold the online overclocking competition “MSI 3DMark Challenge”. For a duration of four weeks, from February 4 to March 3, 2013 Anyone using a MSI mainboards and graphics cards can compete in the most challenging DirectX 11 scene in 3DMark– Fire Strike. The competition will be divided into two parts: the top two challengers using a MSI Z77 MPOWER for the competition with the highest scores will each win great items such as a MSI R7970 Lightning Boost Edition graphics card and a Z77A-GD80 mainboard; the Z77A-GD55 Lucky Draw activity is opened to all challengers using MSI Z77 mainboards.

To enter the Lucky Draw activity, all you have to do is upload your scores before February 10! We believe this will be an extremely fierce competition and expect to see record-breaking performance!

For detailed information concerning the competition and rules please refer to the following website:

Competition Information

How to win the Winner Prize:

  • Contest Duration: Feb 4 – March 3 2013
  • Platform: MSI Z77 MPOWER and any MSI Graphics card
  • Stage: 3DMark Fire Strike
  • Prize (#1): MSI R7970 Lightning Boost Edition Graphics card
  • Prize (#2):MSI Z77A-GD80 Mainboard

How to win in the Lucky Draw:

  • Duration: Feb 4 – 10 2013
  • Platform: MSI Z77 Mainboards and MSI Graphics cards
  • Stage: 3DMark Fire Strike
  • Prize: MSI Z77A-GD55 Mainboard


Italy p3gaz_001 says:


Greece mortisboy says:


Italy BOMBCAT says:

ASSOSI !!! says a "famous" dance-floor-dj of my city

Portugal Billy-The-Kid says:

This will be single gpu?

Austria mactac says:

Think so

Belgium Massman says:

Billy-The-Kid said: This will be single gpu?


Greece crustytheclown says:

worder if 7970 or 680 is better for this one...

Belgium Massman says:

Hasn't Nvidia been top choice for any new 3DMark release? :D

Moldova ZL1 says:

must be Z77 board ? thats unfair :(

Netherlands rsnubje says:

Always dislike this kind of competitions.
Why would I use an MSI Z77 Mpower to win a board that's only $20 more in value? And next to that, why would I want to win an MSI product by using MSI products as I already have them. Imo it should be more like a promotion so if you have for example a Gigabyte board, you win an MSI board so you hopefuly will use that in future tests.

Moldova ZL1 says:

agree, or at least say any MSI.. I can understand that, but no .. only if you you already bought the newest can you compete ??? ... MEH !

Greece crustytheclown says:

Massman said: Hasn't Nvidia been top choice for any new 3DMark release? :D

yeap you're totally right...

just thinking the effect of lod vs tess and big mem capacity (since it's on high res) on this one...

K404 says:

It would be pretty cool if the rules stated "must NOT use an MSI board or GPU"

Brazil Raul SDT says:

It would be def. harder to win, K404 ;)

Korea (republic) littleboy says:

Great Event.

United States xxbassplayerxx says:

Purchased and downloading!

But I can't compete... no MSI hardware :(

Russian Federation GUN'G'STAR says:

only mpowa...pff

Hong Kong akao says:

prize is not too attractive for the money and time invested...

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