Introducing HWBOT R4.2: Welcome back Hardware Compare and expanding Hardware Library

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Introducing HWBOT R4.2: Welcome back Hardware Compare and expanding Hardware Library

HWBOT R4.2 Feature Highlights

As you might know, we spend July working on HWBOT R4.2. With the revision we introdue a couple of new features which we’d like to present to you personally. Here are the R4.2 highlight features.

1. Hardware Compare Tool

The first feature we would like to highlight is of course or renewed Hardware Compare feature, a feature that didn’t make it in the original R4 but has been brought back by popular demand. Just like with the previous version of the HWBOT Hardware Compare tool, you can select a number of processors and graphics cards and see how they stack up in the various benchmarks. As we’re making use of the Google Charts technology, we have enabled some easy-to-use options that allow you to fully customize your chart.

Main tools:

– select processor / videocard
– hardware specification overview
– graphical chart
– select benchmark for comparison
– adjust chart settings

You can find the Hardware Compare tools in the navigation bar under the Hardware tab.

A couple of screenshots:

2. Hardware Library Extensions

The Hardware Library feature has been available sine the first release of HWBOT R4, but lacked the most interesting and useful features. This has changed with the R4.2 release of HWBOT. In addition to a clear overview of all the hardware you have used at HWBOT, you can now add notes, view notes, add pictures and link your results to the right hardware. You can even add batch information and keep track of the various results with various hardware samples. In addition, we’ve extended the Hardware Library information with PSU and HDD information.

To access your personal Hardware Library, you can access the Hardware Library tab by browsing to your personal HWBOT profile or click on ‘My Hardware’ under the Hardware tab in the navigation bar.

To add a new Hardware Item to your library, you can just submit a benchmark result with that hardware. The engine will automatically add a generic Hardware Item (eg: Core i7 2600K) to your Hardware Library and link all your results with that hardware to this Hardware Library Item. To add a custom Hardware Library Item you can add batch information to the score submission. By entering a batch number, the HWBOT engine will create a new Hardware Library Item next to your generic item with the new batch information. Of course, you can add a note to each item with information you want to remember. For instance type of BIOS or a link to the voltage modification.

Main tools:

– add a new hardware item through any score submission page
– add notes to your hardware item
– add a picture of your hardware library item
– delete a custom hardware item
– have a clear overview of all hardware you’ve ever used

A couple of screenshots:

3. Introduction of Storage Benchmark

Last but not least, we have upgraded our database model. From this point forward, we also support HDD-based benchmarks. Nothing special, you might think, but the technical implications of adding a new type of benchmark were more complicated than we originally anticipated. Anyways, to make a long story very short: our first HDD try-out benchmark is AS SSD Benchmark.

No points just yet; we’re only at the testing stage so far. Feel free to submit a few scores and provide feedback on how you like the new benchmark! Direct link to the submission page:

A couple of screenshots:

HWBOT R4.2 Release notes

For your reference, the complete Release Notes of HWBOT R4.2.0.

Release Notes – HWBOT – Version hwbot v4.2.0


  • [HWBOT-402] – News in forum header missing
  • [HWBOT-404] – IE search bug
  • [HWBOT-405] – Search not functional for normal users or anonymous
  • [HWBOT-426] – Team Profile: member cups only half of real value
  • [HWBOT-450] – Heaven metadata bug
  • [HWBOT-453] – Recalculation problematic when user fixes submission details
  • [HWBOT-454] – Remove official partners section from competition pages
  • [HWBOT-455] – Finetune member tab on team profile page
  • [HWBOT-467] – Non official competitions can not be closed properly
  • [HWBOT-470] – Error when submit by previous submission without selecting an application first
  • [HWBOT-471] – Link to competition stage in forum broken
  • [HWBOT-486] – HWBOT R4.2: last bugs


  • [HWBOT-5] – Improve hardware comparator charts & interface


  • [HWBOT-413] – Add link to frontpage on forum navbar
  • [HWBOT-456] – Remove links to country pages
  • [HWBOT-473] – Use Twitter RSS as HWBOT main RSS feed


Sub Task

  • [HWBOT-171] – Hardware library link- link to hardware library entry- Add quick button: 'add new hardware'
  • [HWBOT-243] – Ability to moderate reported submissions
  • [HWBOT-306] – team captain & mod tools
  • [HWBOT-429] – Compare videocards
  • [HWBOT-430] – Compare processors
  • [HWBOT-432] – Make statistic calculation transactional
  • [HWBOT-433] – Add embeddable links to charts
  • [HWBOT-452] – Direct link to HW comparison
  • [HWBOT-474] – Ability add hw item from submission page
  • [HWBOT-475] – Ability to comment on hw items
  • [HWBOT-476] – Show comment and pictures on hw item page
  • [HWBOT-477] – Show library items on user profile
  • [HWBOT-478] – Show newly created library items on user wall
  • [HWBOT-479] – Permalink for library items
  • [HWBOT-481] – Ability to delete library item
  • [HWBOT-487] – Hardware Compare: popular hardware under videocard showing processor
  • [HWBOT-488] – Memory type URL in submission details

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