Three new WR's today !

Three new WR’s today !

Onepagebook has done it again. This time he used a 8800gtx and his X6800 to crush the competition in Aquamark, scoring 267450 points. Hipro5 is still second with +/- 1000 points less.

The most astonishing work of this weekend is the work of Roro, who managed to take the PiFast WR, 17.25s, from OPB and is second in the superpi 1M ranking with a impressive run of 9.047s.

552.JPGWe have also broken a new record: the previous ‘# submits in 24h’ record was set six days ago, 443 results. Today we’ve broken the 500 barrier, which is about one result every three minutes! Please notice the 2675 registered members, which is 63% of our users.

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