New record(s) for HWBot

New record(s) for HWBot

hwbot443.JPGYesterday was another great day for the HWBot crew. Not only the vacation of our beloved dictator RichBa5tard is awesome, we’re also proud to announce a new record. Within 24 hours you, benchers, managed to submit 443 results, breaking the previous record by 70 results! Because of this big jump, we now have close to 33.000 results in our database.

hwbotmember.JPGThis might not be the end of this great week, because OnePageBook has submit a few more result, so he’s now close to 700 HWBoints. Of course he’s still leading the members ranking. Overklokk and K|ngp|n are trying to close down, but there’s still a long way to go. In the top 20 we find also another legend, MickeyMouse. Another worth-mentioning bencher is Mayk of the Russian Overs Team, who managed to climb 137 places last month.

Another record might be broken: XtremeSystems is on it’s way to break the 6k barrier in the team rankings! Because of it’s contest, it has now reached an astonishing result of 3453 entries. Hopefully other teams will try their best to undo the damage XS has done this weeks.

To end, a special request from the crew to you. You all know RB is on a long vacation and he won’t have much time to check out the HWBot site. Before he went on vacation we had a little conversation about the increase of submits the last months. We came to the conclusion that if the results were sumbit by the same speed as they are coming right now the database would be filled to 45.000 results by the end of his vacation. The HWBot crew would really like to surprise him and break this barrier, just to show him the importance of this site. To reach the 45k barrier, we need about 296 results a day, which is doable if you look at the lastest statistics.

Have fun benching !!

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