Thrasher2 interviewed - the guy who's signature is too small to hold all awards

Thrasher2 interviewed – the guy who’s signature is too small to hold all awards

Today we interviewed Thrasher2, an avid hwbot user who has received so many awards we had to make an XXL version of the hwbot signature to be able to display them all. He’s about to breach the top 50 without a single piece of high end hardware. The most expensive hardware he owns is probably a cheap AMD X4200+ X2, yet he managed to gather 175.4 hwboints, something most overclockers could only dream of.

Want to know more about him? Read on…

When did the hwbot bug bite you?
It was on 21-December-05, 02:28 AM at on the SuperPi Ranking thread.

You submitted results with a huge amount of different hardware. Are you trying to gain ranks by submitting as many results as possible, or do you tweak each processor / videocard until you (nearly) break it?
That is yes on both accounts, I have a lot of hardware to test and Tweak with and I push them as far as I can. I have burnt up a X700 PCI-e Video card and a few CPU’s.

Which video card was the most fun to overclock?
It was the 3DFuzion 6200LE PCI-e and the ATi Radeon X700 Pro 256 video cards.

Which processor was the most fun to overclock?
It was the Pentium 4 ‘D’ 820 with the CPU-Z of 4100mhz.

How come you got access to soo many hardware parts? Do you own a shop?
I work on a lot of peoples PC’s so when I upgrade a persons PC they let me keep there old PC hardware and I find a lot of great deals on PC Components.

Are planning any future attacks on the member rankings?
Yes I am, I have more PC hardware to have fun with.

You’re team has a very respectable 16th place and rising. Do you think PC Apex will manage to get in to the top 10?
Yes I do, we have a lot of great OC members over on PC Apex.

Which advice do you have for hwbot, which features would you really like to see added?
I really like the latest upgrade to the Ver. (b11) I would like to see more older Video cards added to the List.


Thanks for your time, Thrasher2. :)

His workbench:

Thrasher2's tweak station Thrasher2's tweak station whoosh

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