HWBot is celebrating ...

HWBot is celebrating …

More than once people complained about the HWBoints: it wasn’t fair, the bigger teams would always be on top. Well, today, we’re glad to announce the opposite!

Team hall of fameTeam OCX has done it: with less than half of the entries, it beated XS and became the n°1 team. It took about two months, but finally OCX is the second team to brake the 4k barrier. Also worth mentioning: the french oc-team Overclocking-Masters is third and is on its way to XS.

But this isn’t the only reason why HWBot is celebrating!

Overklokk 90kThe well-known norwegian benchmarker Overklokk managed to breake the 90k barrier in the 3dmark03 benchmark and couldn’t wait to upload his score to the HWBot database. With only nine entries, he managed to become fifth in the members hall of fame. Maybe a new challenger for OPB, who’s still n°1?

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