Turrican wins HWBOT OC Challenge May 2010

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Belgium Massman says:

Congrats Karl!

Belgium richba5tard says:


Germany joe_cool says:

Congrats Karl !

Austria Turrican says:

thx guys. :) i hope i can ln2 it soon. :D i did some fsb tests on my nf7-s the last days as well. max. fsb atm is around ~261mhz (super pi 1m) with extremly tight timings. there i seem to hit a wall, more vdd voltage doesn't help. i even mounted my single stage on the northbridge, but no gain. :D

Germany Berserker says:

Gratz Turrican. Freakin good NF7-S . :thumpsup: The Wall around 260 is shit,i know. I have the same. When you can drive CL2 on 260 the WR is near,with a good CPU.

In a few Weeks i mod my DFI,so i can give the CPU more than only 2V. I hope the CPU is good for 3,3-3,4.

Austria Turrican says:

thx. :)
here's the fsb-test i did with a xp-m 1800+ @ air.

that was with everything maxed (even the alpha timings).
loosening the timings doesn't bring anything. with single channel i can hit ~268, but it's slower of course.

Finland SF3D says:

Nice one Karl!

Belgium leeghoofd says:

Top win there Turrican, congratz...

Spain Predator says:

congrats Karl! you're the real hero! :)

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