Turrican wins HWBOT OC Challenge May 2010

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Turrican wins HWBOT OC Challenge May 2010

As the start of every month, on 1st of May HWBOT launched the newest OC Challenge. Challenge of this month: SuperPI 1M and PiFast using an Athlon XP platform; maybe even attempt to break the current world records of German overclocker SAE. Austrian Hardware Master Turrican took the win, but not the world records unfortunately.

It was Jaan, however, who was on top the longest with his AMD Athlon XP 2500+ setup. Having tested even liquid nitrogen, it seemed that the CPU completely maxed out at 3GHz resulting in a 33.516s 1M and 47.25s PiFast score. Jaan finished third overall.

Second overall was German overclocker Berserker who pushed his XP-Mobile 2600+ to a solid 3.05GHz, only a few MHz above Jaan. Thanks to an FSB frequency of 250+ MHz, he managed to score a bit better than his Estonian competitor: 33.31s 1M and 47.03s PiFast

But, as said in the introduction, it was Turrican who took the win. The current leader of the Hardware Masters League pushed his 2600+ Barton to 3.1GHz resulting in a sub-33s 1M (32.907s) and sub-47s Pifast (46.28s). According to Turrican, there’s still a bit left in the setup, so he will be going for better scores using liquid nitrogen soon!

More information: Competition Page

Congratulations to all!

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