HWBoints algorithm: WR-3D Points introduced end of this month.

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HWBoints algorithm: WR-3D Points introduced end of this month.

The next revision of HWBOT, Rev3.5, is nearly finished and ready to go online at the end of this month. One of the novelties is the second small adjustment to the HWBoints algorithm. As you all remember, after we received the feedback from Rev3, we already adjusted the points for unpopular hardware categories. Well, the second fix is to reward the the absolute 3D world records.

“As the name already suggests, this is a bonus to reward 3D world record attempts, not to reward buying expensive systems. So, these points are awarded based on the world record page, which contains the results of HWBoints-participating users, the non-participating users and the scores using unreleased hardware which receive no points. ALL of these scores have an effect on the 3D WR bonus; in other words, if someone breaks the world record using unreleased technology, then this will affect the 3D WR bonus points.”

The points are awarded to the following benchmarks:

# 3DMark01
# 3DMark03
# 3DMark05
# 3DMark06
# 3DMark Vantage
# Aquamark3

The higher your rank is, the more points you deserve. We have made the curve very steep, because we want to see people push their system for the highest rank possible.

#1: 100
#2: 75
#3: 55
#4: 40
#5: 30
#6: 25
#7: 20
#8: 15
#9: 10
#10: 5

To show you the effect on the rankings we have run an offline test using the most up-to-date HWBOT database. However, from that database, we have removed all Gulftown results as well as all the results submitted after 11/03 in order to exclude the bias from the recently released Gulftown. For the real updated ranking, you’ll have to wait a couple more weeks. Do note that the ranking doesn’t affect the global ranking all too much and even the team ranking is kept pretty much the same. All it does is give points to those who break overall world records using state-of-the-art multi-vga configurations.


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