GIGABYTE H55/H57 IGP OC Challenge

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GIGABYTE H55/H57 IGP OC Challenge

Next to the HWBOT OC Challenge, which mainly focuses on the old-skool part of overclocking, GIGABYTE has launched an H55/H57 IGP overclocking competition. We will be competing against each other using the brand new 32nm Core i3/i5 processors which have a graphics processor integrated on the CPU package. Benchmark: 3DMark Vantage – Performance. For the winner, there’s a GA-X58A-UD7 waiting and in addition one GA-P55A-UD7 will be sent to one lucky winner.


signature1.jpgGIGABYTE would like to extend a special IGP overclocking challenge on HWBOT this March for those of you who think you are up to the task. As most of you know, GIGABYTE recently launched their latest Intel based H55/H57 motherboards, which feature support for the industry’s first GPU on CPU die Intel Core i3/i5 processors. Offering excellent HD movie playback with extremely low CPU utilization and even delivering decent playability for some of the latest 3D games, the new Core i3/i5 processors are pushing the performance boundaries for IGP graphic solutions. GIGABYTE would like to see if you can push those boundaries even further. That is why we have added some overclocking tools to our entire series of H55/H57 motherboards including easily adjustable IGP clock settings including MHz, high QPI ratios, memory dividers and high BCLK ability as well as easy manageability and sharing of your overclocking profiles.

sig11.jpgSo, here is the challenge. Using any GIGABYTE H55/H57 motherboard, submit to HWBOT your 3DMark Vantage performance score in March and the highest posted scorer at the end of the competition will get to take home a shiny new GIGABYTE GA-X58A-UD7 motherboard. There is a second prize category as well for anyone submitting a score with HWBOT with an included picture of their system. A single winner will be randomly selected from the submissions (only those with platform picture) at the end of the competition to win a GA-P55A-UD7. Good luck everyone, now get busy breaking some records!


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