HWBOT featured in PCWorld.ro magazine

HWBOT featured in PCWorld.ro magazine

This is actually a double “party”-news post. On the one hand, we’d like to congratulate overclockers Monstru, Micutzu and Matose for joining their Lab501.ro forces with the printed hardware magazine PCWorld.ro, and on the other hand congratules, ehr, ourselves for making it into their first issue! That’s right, HWBOT has one full page in a printed magazine, which is (as far as we know), the first time ever we make it into a magazine you can lay your hands on.



Belgium Massman says:

A double "woohoo" :)

Romania Monstru says:

Thank you for your kind words Pieter!

Belgium richba5tard says:

If only we knew what they say? :)

Romania Monstru says:

HWBot is baaad, mkaaay. Don't go there, you'll get addicted :D

Belgium Massman says:

Oh, so "friends don't make friends join HWBOT"?

Romania Monstru says:

Lol :) Sorry guys, I have been very busy testing for the Gulftown article, but I will try to translate the page so you know exactly what bad things have been said about HWBot there :P

Romania Enz0 says:

Hwbot.org is that place on the internet where are gathered and watched the performances of the overclockers from the whole world, starting with benchmark results or the highest frequencies obtained. Well, after a few years of growing popularity, the best ranking isn't an achievement just for the greatest overclockers but also for a lot of companies wich started building products JUST to dominate a specific benchmark. In late 2009, HWBOT.ORG decided to organize a worldwide competition open for everyone. It wasn't good enough to participate or to have very good result. You had to have at least three overclockers from a country scoring as good as they could in order to mantain a higher average for a country[...]
From here almost to the end of the article is described the way the competition went.
We congratulate and thank the members of the comunity forum.lab501.ro wich participated with us in this competition:foxthemad, triplu_z, ihlades and to everyone else wich participated, scored nicely but didn't get any points
I gave a little helping hand to Monstru. He must finish his review with Gulftown :D

Romania matose says:

Thanks for posting Pieter! HWBot deserves to be in more than one printed magazines ;)!

Germany Hyperhorn says:

Without being a smart-ass, this is definetively not the first time Hwbot was mentioned in a print magazine. Just for the PCGH issue 03/2010, which is still out there at the kiosk for a few days, I explained the rev3 changes in our OC special and included a op-ed column about it, not to mention all the hwbot ranking tables and news placed in over a dozen issues of PCGH and PCGHX in many working hours. ;)

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