GIGABYTE officially supports HWBOT

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GIGABYTE officially supports HWBOT


I know, I know, GIGABYTE’s name-tag has been visible in the upper right corner of HWBOT for a couple of weeks now, but as of today GIGABYTE is officially supporting HWBOT and by extent also the overclocking community. The HWBOT staff is very pleased to see that a large manufacturer such as GIGABYTE is as enthusiastic about overclocking as we are. With this news post, we would once again express our utmost appreciation towards GIGABYTE for helping to make HWBOT financially viable.

Thank you GIGABYTE!


Belgium Massman says:

In spite of this positive news, we do want to stress that there still is a long way to go before HWBOT's finances are somewhat positive. We hope that other manufacturers will follow GIGABYTE's lead and help us to run at least break even each month.

jabski says:

nice one Gigabyte :)

Georgia westsider says:

nice i would wish other manufacturers do the same too

Dreadlockyx says:

Good :)

TiN says:

Hope Gigabyte will sometimes take help from oc community to make true overclocker board with just CPU socket, PCI-E socket, and allover LN2 insulation onboard :D

United Kingdom Bustah says:

^^^that would be something.

United Kingdom borandi says:

Go Gigabyte!

Norway knopflerbruce says:

Huh... can't read ANY replies at all:(

PeterStoba says:

Good one Gigabyte, this is why I love you :)

Kazakhstan TerraRaptor says:

Great! Now it is the token of appreciation to get "Gigabyte MB fanatic" for all hwbot users)

Mexico Solid Snake - XS says:

Go Go GIGABYTE and thanks for your Support !!!

Ukraine MaJ0r says:

Nice news!

K404 says:

Thankyou Gigabyte :) I hope more companies follow suit

South Africa CoolnQuiet says:

Gigabyte rocks!

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