TiN presents PCI Maximizer for i-Ram configs

TiN presents PCI Maximizer for i-Ram configs

I came across this nifty solution for one of the biggest problems of the PCMark05-benchmarker. TiN, the Ukrainian overclocker and hardware modification master who has been featured on the HWBOT front page more than once in the last couple of months, posted his solution for the need of PCI lane power when using a series of GIGABYTE i-Ram modules.

pcim21.jpg pcim61.jpg
pcim71.jpg pcim31.jpg

Time consumption? According to TiN:

Time consumed: 30 minutes to digg scrap, 5 minutes to cut PCIs, 20 minutes for reading SATA and PCI standards, 5 minutes for googlin I-RAM pics to see what and where connected from slot and 30 minutes for soldering and taking photos.
Total: 1.5 human-hours.
Price: As everything on PURE – PRICELESS.

Source: http://kingpincooling.com/forum/showthread.php?t=471


Austria Turrican says:

lol, great "invention" TiN. really good work. :D

Belgium Massman says:


Antarctica Trouffman says:

ah ah i did the same back to last year :) with an ATX connector (as i didn't had any Sata connector :p Better solution is to find a PCI riser ^^ http://www.kirikoo.net/images/5fredo428-20080817-102400.jpg http://www.kirikoo.net/images/5Trouffman-1-20090113-204516.jpg hihi ^^

United States lesstutrey says:

all i see is a homemade PCI riser, am i missing something? also 2nd picture is broken link.

kikicoco1334 says:

i am sorry but that dose this do please?

TiN says:

Powering PCI Gigabyte IRAMs without need of benchmark rig PCI occupy or extra computer setup just for PCI.

Slovenia tiborrr says:

Good job, TiN! :P

Russian Federation NeoForce says:

Not a new idea - but first public release - Great Ilya!

mtech says:

This is not a new idea of course. 2 years ago... http://www.xtremesystems.org/FORUMS/showpost.php?p=2783563&postcount=24

Puerto Rico chispy says:

Nicely Done TiN , well done. Regards: Angelo.

PeterStoba says:

Where can I get one? :)

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