Muropaketti tries new style of temperature probe mounting

Muropaketti tries new style of temperature probe mounting

Muropaketti, the Finnish hardware review- and news site run by famous Finnish overclocker Sampsa who recently broke the 3DMark Vantage world record together with German top-clocker Stummerwinter, has shown pictures of how they will monitor the CPU temperature under subzero cooling. Instead of drilling a hole in the side of the CPU LN2 container, they’ve made a small hole in the heat spreader of a Phenom II, giving them a lot more accurate measurement data of the CPU temperature. Although it hasn’t been tested in practice so far, we’ll be following this news item in the next couple of weeks and hope to find out if there’s a significant difference between both approaches.



Source: Muropaketti (FI)


dexterdude says:

more like a small grove till the cener of theheat spreader. only downside is that tis will be perminent but i dont thig they will care :P.bu annyway goood mountng this will defently work a lot bether =)

United Kingdom El Gappo says:

Saw something like this a while ago, couldn't see a lump whatsoever. I want one :D ________ Wendie 99

Denmark riska says:

I think that is the way Chew does it also i did it many years ago on the old Socket 478 P4 cpus

United States lesstutrey says:

just doesn't seem like it's entirely worth it, as long as you know what temp reading causes CBs, and this doesn't have one, i really wonder why you'd bother

Belgium Massman says:

If I'm not mistaken, this particular CPU will be used for other things than just measuring the temperature while overclocking. It's useless anyway ... Phenoms don't have coldbugs.

United States rickarter says:

Wonder why they never tried this before great ideas guys keep it rocking!

United States Minor Outlying Islands Kal-EL says:

Its usefull if you are checking against performance of a pot design or noting deltas between actual ihs temps and pot probes.

United States thebluemeanie1 says:

Intel has a very nice guide on how to do this. Starts around page 75.

Netherlands rsnubje says:

also is useful for another reason, i have had it 1-2 times that the pot didnt entirely touch the cpu, so it wasnt really as cold as i tought it was.


This isn't new, done years ago on old QX6700 :p

Belgium Massman says:

It's new ... for Muropaketti and Phenom II :p

United States overclocking101 says:

this isnt really all that new. i have been reading reviews over at [H] and they do it with their i7 920. it is a nice idea though super accurate temp readings

Greece GoriLLakoS says:

Indeed this way of taking the temps is old enough :) ________ THE CIGAR BOSS

United States Neur0mancer says:

Yeah that is not new at all, its how everyone used to do it. The hole in the pot is the "new" way to do it. Really who want to carve up a $200-1500 processor?

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