Top-3 of Overclockers League in a tight battle

Top-3 of Overclockers League in a tight battle

It’s been 15 days since HWBOT Rev3 has been made public and it looks like the new HWBoints algorithm is already doing what we hoped it would do: creating an Overclockers League in which competition is the key component.


The top-3 of the Overclockers League, AndreYang, K|ngp|n and NickShih are very close to each other and at this point one or two drops in a single ranking can result in a position change. We’ve seen NickShih in battle with Hicookie already at the SuperPI 1M front. This battle is currently leading both to breaking the 6 second barrier and, well, the 7GHz bench stable barrier. Currently Nick is second in the SuperPI 1M global ranking … however, breaking Hicookie‘s world record might just bring him to second place in the Overclockers League!

To be continued …

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