HWBOT Updates: team members tab and various improvements

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HWBOT Updates: team members tab and various improvements

HWBOT REV3 MASCOT The HWBOT engine got updated today with a bunch of remarks and bug reports we received after the upgrade to revision 3.0. The suggested improvements to the HWBOINT REV3 algorithm will be included in the next update.

New features:

Members tab in team profile. View who contributed the most to the team, most active members and member of the month. example


– Hardware trophies shown again when viewing the single line submission synopsis.
– Submissions tab in user profile sorted by application, applications grouped by type, and properly sorted by score. example

Bug fixes:

– HWBOT records properly shown when browsing hardware specs. example
– Member exploded view fixed. example
– Various HWBOINTS Rev3 fixes. (complete recalculation in progress)
– Various small bugfixes (eg flag of Montenegro fixed).


Belgium richba5tard says:

Added cups to team member page. example

Germany BenchBros says:

Nice update in team ranking, I like it... The examble for "Members tab in team profile" is with the new update for hardwarepoints?

Germany BenchBros says:

Shit... sorry... teampoints, so global all hardware points... my fault

United Kingdom bazx says:

cool addition thanks

Sweden Calathea says:

great job! Still some minor (mostly esthetical) bugs left for me though.
Hwbot ok with opera 10.1?

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