HWBoints Update: two adjustments suggested in forum

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HWBoints Update: two adjustments suggested in forum

please_stand_by_41111.jpgHWBOT Rev3 has been up for roughly 6 days now and based on the feedback received in the forums, we have come up with two slight adjustments of the HWBoints algorithm and posted them in our forums. The issues addressed are the lack of reward for absolute world records and the decreased motivation to participate in rankings with a low amount of participants. We invite everyone to have a look and vote either pro or contra the suggestions.

1. 3D WR Bonus

“As the name already suggests, this is a bonus to reward 3D WR attempts, not to reward buying expensive systems. So, these points are awarded based on the world record page, which contains the results of HWBoints-participants users, the non-participating users and the scores using unreleased hardware which receive no points. ALL of these scores have an effect on the 3D WR bonus; in other words, if someone breaks the world record using unreleased technology, then this will affect the 3D WR bonus points.”

=> Forum topic: HWBoints Adjustment #1: 3D WR Bonus

2. HwPoints motivation

“The concept is a very simple one and actually comes from rev2 of the HWBoints algorithm. For all categories having <20 participants, we apply one and the same linear point distribution. From the moment the category hits 20 participants, we switch to the HWBoints algorithm."=> Forum topic: HWBoints Adjustment #2: HwPoint Motivation

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