S_A_V and Dimdirol continue golden Phenom II X4 965 overclocking ...

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S_A_V and Dimdirol continue golden Phenom II X4 965 overclocking …

dragonc3cpuz2th1.jpgWe reported about the incredible impressive 7GHz CPU-Z validation already through our Twitter feed, but recent results posted over at XtremeSystems makes me believe an actual news post is well-deserved. So, after the 7GHz, S_A_V and Dimdirol continued the benchmarking process and moved on to the other HWBOT benchmarks: PiFast, SuperPI and Wprime 32M. Let’s have a look at some details, results and the inevitable overclocking video.



Comments from the overclocker: “In the second bench day we not improved result at all. And yesterday we have changed our tactic a bit – removed second stick of memory, raised Vcore to 1.83, set Vcpu_nb to default and set higher memory timings (8-8-8-24). We load Windows at 5250 MHz, then set CPU multi to 27.5 (6875 MHz) and then use button (ring) on 790FX-GD70 to increase FSB by 1 MHz.”


1702spifast6528mhz1.png 11m22546ssuperpi32m63751.png 6140swprime32m5945mhz1.png 211938swprime1024m5500m1.png
(Click to enlarge)

Comments from the overclocker: “Seems Topmods CPU Pot very good and handy only for cpu-z validations and short single-threaded benchmarks such as SuperPi 1M. Unfortunately It can’t hold heat from loading by long multi-threaded benchmarks. I can pass SuperPi 1M at 6750MHz, but I can’t pass wPrime1024M at 5600MHz with it, only at 5500MHz! So, if I find another pot, I will be able to improve my 2D scores with this CPU in the future.”


(must-see, very cool retro background music!)

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