World records fall during first 3 days of MSI Xtreme Speeder

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World records fall during first 3 days of MSI Xtreme Speeder

No less than 5 (five!) world records have been broken in the first three days of the MSI Xtreme Speeder P55 competition, which is something most of the HWBOT staff did not expect. In all fairness, when we were setting up this competition in co-operation with MSI, we stated more than once that the current climate in the overclocking community is one of posting a result while having dozens of back-up scores. What we have seen in different overclocking competitions before, we also expected to happen in the MSI Xtreme Speeder competition. So, instead of seeing massive overclocking results during the first weeks, we expected to see air, maybe water cooled, results until the last couple of days. Hazzan, Coolaler and BenchBros sure proved us wrong …

World records

hazzan.jpg Indonesian overclocker Hazzan has broken the Core i5 750 CPU-Z world record. The record is now set at 5404.74MHz, which is 60MHz higher than the previous record of Coolaler (5346MHz). Hazzan used an MSI P55-GD65 and LN2 to achieve this record!

Coolaler, well-known in the Taiwanese overclocking scene, managed to break the Core i7 860 world record. Using the P55-GD80, which is at the moment the most high-end P55 product of MSI, Coolaler managed to outscore Vivi by roughly 70MHz, totaling a frequency of 5486MHz. Using the same Core i7 860, Coolaler also set a new world record in the Wprime 32M category for this processor. The new world record is set at 4.749sec.

benchbros.jpg BenchBros, the famous German overclockers who are currently also ranked in the top regions of the HWBOT Overclockers League, managed to break the world record of the Xeon X3460 category. Although the product name doesn’t really look like Lynnfield-based, this is in fact the Xeon variant of the Core i7 860. Using a cascade cooling unit mounted on the MSI P55-GD80, the BenchBros managed to increase the world record, which was set by Coolaler to 5103MHz by about 180MHz. For the less gifted mathematicians under us: 5287MHz is the new world record. Using the same world-record breaking CPU, BenchBros also broke the world record in the Xeon X3460 SuperPI 32M category: 7 minutes 19.063 seconds is now the time to beat!

Congratulations to Hazzan, Coolaler and BenchBros!!

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