MSI P55 Xtreme Speeder Open For Submission!

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MSI P55 Xtreme Speeder Open For Submission!

As we are November the 15th today, the MSI P55 Xtreme Speeder is now open for submission. The competition will be running until December 13th at which point the final ranking will be presented as well as the winners of all the sub-competitions. Before you start submitting, please make sure you know the following:

  • Verification is of utmost importance. Please have a look at the example screenshots to check whether yours is conform the rules. Results with incorrect verification will be blocked on sight!
  • You can use any Lynnfield processor as long as it’s a retail variant of an already released product. So, no ES and most certainly no unreleased hardware. Pre-order = unreleased.
  • You can compete in as many ways as you want: stages, overall ranking, core i5 ranking … the more the merrier.
  • Cheat in this competition and you’re banned from HWBOT.

For the record, these are the ways you can compete:

  • Make a submission each week and participate in the Lucky Draw
  • Win a competition stage, so highest CPU-Z validation, fastest SuperPI 32M score or fastest Wprime 32M score.
  • Winning a competition stage in combination with breaking the World Record is rewarded by an extra prize!
  • Finish in the top three overall at the end of the competition
  • Finish as top Core i5 overall; this means: Core i5 used in each of the stages!

We wish everyone the best of luck for this competition!!

Link to rules and verification guidelines
Link to the MSI P55 Xtreme Speeder competition page
Link to the official MSI P55 Xtreme Speeder support thread