HWBot Country Cup 09 - Stage 1 has started

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HWBot Country Cup 09 – Stage 1 has started

I have no idea if you are aware of this, but behind the screens of HWBOT we have been working on our own overclocking competition for quite a couple of months. Today is -finally- the day we can see the result of all the brainstorming sessions and the endless discussions about stages, prizes and hardware requirements as the first stage of our very own HWBOT Country Cup 09 is open for submissions.

The first stage is all about pushing the FSB frequency using a quadcore processor as we’ve chosen the combination of SuperPI 1M and the Intel Core 2 Quad processor family. Over the next 7 days you can submit a result to support your country, but can I please remind you that the country score is based on the average of the top-3 submissions. So, it’s very important to motivate your fellow-countrymen (or -women!) to make a couple of submissions as well.

Just one quick word about the prizes. K|ngp|n has shown the end result of the customized F1, Tek9 and NB LN2 container and … they look absolutely gorgeous!


Best of luck to everyone!