USA has most global points, Russia most hardware points

USA has most global points, Russia most hardware points

A very small newspost today as other aspects of the bot keep me quite busy these days, for instance cleaning up the database and working on a brand new competition which requires love for your nation and relying on other people to win. But before we disclose any information on that competition, I want to present you a different view on the country rankings.

People always ask me if the country rankings represent quantity or quality benchmarking and, to be honest, I am not sure how to reply. On the one hand, it takes a lot of dedication to overclock a load of low- and middle-end hardware, but on the other hand it also takes a lot of dedication overclocking high-end hardware. Both styles of boting (for better verbs to describe ‘playing at HWBot’ -> mail Massman) have their (dis)advantages and maybe it’s not entirely correct to throw them together in one ranking. So, I recalculated the country ranking by splitting up global and hardware points. Let’s have a look.


As we can see, although many attribute the lead of Russia in the country rankings to the insane hardware grinders, Russia does have a lot of global points as well. Again, note that the more members a country has, the more points they can gather so somewhere next week I’ll try to post a ranking using only the top100 members (as requested by Vasgto).

On a more personal note: Belgium sure’s doing well and, more importantly, leaves The Netherlands behind *wink*.


In the hardware points ranking, Russia is in the lead, but probably not by as much as everyone thinks. Again, the Belgian flag has been defended with succes, still being in front of The Netherlands. Yes, we do rock!

By the way; notice how Austria is actually quite high in the rankings. This is most likely due to only one man … our hardware database manager, Turrican, also know as Hardware King.

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