It has happened: number 20,000 joined!

It has happened: number 20,000 joined!

We already announced it a couple of days ago, but today we can finally confirm the message: HWBot officially has over 20,000 members! Time to have a look at a couple of charts and numbers.


First up is the statistics box, which you can also find on the left of your screen. I wasn’t quick enough to take a screenshot of the 20k mark, and as apparently banning 6 members to get it is “unethical behavior”, I have to settle with this one. Still pretty cool though.

Of those 20000 members, 4232 have over 10 results; about half of that amount has the double of that, or for those who don’t want to grab the calculator: 2658 members have over 20 results. Going further up the table I see that 603 overclockers have 100 or more submissions, 210 members have 200 results, 31 have 500 … 5 nuts-o’s have over 1000 submissions!!


Underneath a couple of graphs that show the growth of HWBot members, teams and results.

results.png members.png teams.png

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