HWBot report of last month - common trend: addiction

HWBot report of last month – common trend: addiction

Hey guys (and gals!),

This time I wasn’t browsing through the HWBot database looking for more ways to make me look like an awesome overclocker, but I checked out the Analytics page of HWBot. Here’s some of the information I want to share … it’s quite interesting really.

First up: total visits last in one month time.


It seems that the grass is actually greener on the other side of Europe (I’m Belgian). Europe, North- and South America and almost Asia seem to visit Hwbot more often than Africa and Australia/New-Zealand. However, hold on tight, because Australia isn’t just ‘some’ country.


If the Aussies visit HWBot they are fantastically thorough with an average visit time of more than 8 minutes. I might have a look at the Hwbot records to see what Aussie in particular is causing this high visit time, but I’m sure that Dinos22 wouldn’t appreciate that. -OOPS-

Anyway moving on to new visitors:


As Asia is producing only a small part of the amount of visits, for sure given the amount of people that live in those regions of the world, it’s pretty straight-forward that they deliver the most new visitors.


Also interesting, it seems that the XtremeSystems forum boards are the main source of Hwbot referrers which can only be a good thing. Surprisingly, Madshrimps.be (three staff members write/wrote for this site!!) is not in the top-10. Also surprising: Evga.com is the only hardware manufacturer in the top 10. Cool!

Last but not least, the reason for the article title.


I don’t want to cause a stir in the psychology departments, but it seems that there’s a new addiction. Yes, after world-of-warcraft and facebook now also HWBot seems pretty addictive. Don’t say we didn’t warn you, but according to the figures above you either visit HWBot once or 201+ times.

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