Jabski owns Wprime 32M single core record?

Jabski owns Wprime 32M single core record?

Since I recently discovered the pleasures of working with the Hwbot MYSQL database, I’ve been trying out queries almost non-stop. There’s some really interesting data yet to be uncovered, but we’ll be working on that in the next few months. One of the questions that always seem to come up was to split up Wprime into single/dual/quad core rankings; well, that’s not planned, but what I did do last night is filter out the single core results.

Before I go to the screenshot, know that it took me quite some time to moderate a couple of hundred scores as some models were not tagged as dual/quad core, but single core AND some of the multi-cpu configuration results didn’t have the 2x/4x information. But anywho, I think I got most of them fixed, at least for the top of the rankings.


Jabski seems to be quite comfortable in the n°1 spot!

By the way, I also noticed the Sempron 140 result; if I’m not mistaken, this is based on the Regor-core … so no coldbug. I wonder what this chip could do at 5.5G+ 32M stability.

I also think everyone can see a certain issue pop up with the new Phenom series as cpu cores can be unlocked eventually messing up these rankings. As a matter of fact, I have this issue when I filter out the dual cores; Phenom-II X2 is in the lead by quite a large margin, beating 6.4G E8600’s, just because two extra cores are enabled.

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