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hwbot new features

The hwbot server has been updated last night to bring you the following new features:

1. HCE: the hwbot competition engine

The HCE has been written to support the popular overclocking competition concept. Currently still in test phase, but except for the creation wizard and non public competitions, the functionality is available and working.

HCE Concepts:


A competition may exist out of multiple stages. Eg. the first week you have to submit a SuperPi 32M score, the second week a 3DMark Vantage score, etc.

competition stages


Limitations may be defined for each stage. All submissions must apply to all limitations, otherwise they are not accepted. The hwbot engine will automatically prevent you from submitting scores which do not apply to the limitations.
competition limitation
Currently available limitations:

  • use a specific processor model, eg. Intel Core 2 E8500
  • use a specific processor core, eg. AMD Deneb (6mb)
  • use a specific processor subfamily, eg. AMD Phenom II
  • use a specific processor family, eg. Intel Core 2
  • use a specific processor manufacturer, eg. AMD
  • use a specific videocard model, eg. HD4870
  • use a specific videocard core, eg. ATI R480
  • use a specific videocard family, eg. Nvidia GeForce 8
  • use a specific videocard manufacturer, eg. AMD


A competition can be configured to create achievements for reaching a certain position in the competition ranking. Eg. if you win the “AMD Phenom II X4” competition, you might recieve a “Phenom II Guru” achievement in your profile.


A competition may be configured to award prizes when you reach a certain position at the end of a competition.

competition prizes

Test competition

To test the Hwbot Competition Engine we created the AMD Phenom II X4 competition. Everyone is free to join (if you got an AMD Phenom II X4), please report bugs when you encounter them!

2. Ability to mark submission as engineering sample / cherry picked / etc.

There was a lot of discussion recently due to cherry picked processors overclocking much, much better than retail processors. We do not forbid the useage of such processors, but if you want to avoid complaints, you might want to tick the “do NOT participate in hwbot rankings” checkbox when making a submission.

do not participate

3. Attaching pictures to submissions

You can now attach up to 4 pictures of your cooling / overclocking rig when making a submission.


4. custom team or user country flags

jmke.PNGPrimarily intended for teams which are international and do not have a country flag, teams or users can override the default flag and submit their own one. Check your team configuration or user account page.

We hope you enjoy the new features!

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